Bridging the Needs of Owners and Occupiers

October 22, 2018

Workshop: Human-Centered Design for Real Estate & Innovation Leaders

Harvard Business Review recently reported that leading enterprises are using design thinking to “devise strategy and manage change.” A top Autodesk executive credits design thinking for having played a pivotal role in “changing the trajectory of the company and helping us make better decisions at all levels of the company.”

Design thinking applies to a wide array of everyday situations calling for change — it allows us to run better meetings, prioritize our work, gain alignment, and attract and retain top talent. It’s a hallmark of the modern-day innovative work culture, and organizations around the globe are racing to scale design thinking as a way of working.

Please join Convene and design thinking experts at LUMA in a tailored workshop specifically for real estate executives and heads of innovation.  Because attracting, retaining, and inspiring talent is the biggest competitive advantage in the built world, we aim to share the latest HCD tools and techniques to help you lead your respective teams through the next evolution of change management in the workplace.