Better Tenant Experiences

Branded for your building, curated by Convene.

Building Access

Replace keycards with smartphones - a more seamless and secure solution.

Community & Events

Engage with in-building community events, retail promotions, health, wellness, and more.

Food & Beverage

Order food, coffee, and snacks from your on-site cafeĢ and from local restaurants.

Meeting Space

Browse and book on-demand meeting space in the building.

Building Notifications

Receive important alerts and regular updates from building management.

Exclusive Deals

Curated promotions from nearby retailers available exclusively to your building.

Building Insights for Landlords

Through our acquisition of Beco, Elevate now includes real- time data insights for landlords, including utilization of amenities, shared space, and retail.

  • Improve building experiences and use of space.
  • Bring your building online in days, not weeks.
  • Future-proof your building.

Bring Your Building Online with Elevate

Convene partners with commercial landlords and enterprise companies who are looking to enable at least 100,000 square feet with our technology platform.